AKSHAT RATHEE – Nodwin Gaming



Akshat Rathee is a serial-entrepreneur and the Managing Director of NODWIN Gaming, a venture by the NODWIN Group of Companies. NODWIN Gaming is the premier and most recognized esports company in India. It has played a pivotal role in developing the Indian esports scene in the country by playing an instrumental role in popularizing competitive gaming through its exclusive license partnerships with ESL and ESWC. NODWIN Gaming works actively to run other marquee esports IPs such as the Mountain Dew Arena, The CII India Gaming Show among others. NODWIN Gaming additionally produces online content on gaming and esports such as Esports Center, The Games & Gadget Show, The Cosplay Genie Show and Live content from pop culture events in India as well as abroad.

Better known in the gaming community by his gaming nick “LordNOD”, Akshat has been an ardent gamer since his early school days. In fact, his gaming nick was inspired by his excellence as the NOD faction in the 2000s RTS game, Command and Conquer. Over the years, his love for strategy genre games grew and he lists titles such as Sid Meier’s Civilization, StarCraft, XCOM and Red Alert as his influences. It can be said that these challenging games moulded Akshat into a better strategian and the skills he imbibed helps him greatly in business development.

Through NODWIN Gaming, Akshat has been able to forge multiple verticals such as ESL India, ESWC India, Cosplay Genie, Esports Center, Beyond the Game and more catering to the different aspects of gaming. ESL India is an exclusive partnership between the global esports giant, ESL and NODWIN Gaming. This partnership allows for the activation of world-class competitive gaming tournaments in the country. The colossal ESL India Premiership is one such event under the ESL India banner. Similarly, ESWC India helps identify indigenous talent, who later go on to represent the country at the prestigious, Electronic Sports World Convention in Paris, every year. Meanwhile, Cosplay Genie is a one-of-its-kind endeavour focusing on cosplay and community building. On the other hand, Esports Center is video-based news platform focused on the latest developments in esports, both domestic as well as abroad. Finally, Beyond the Game is the merchandising arm allowing gamers access to premium gaming gear and collectables.

Akshat graduated from the Manipal Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Engineering (Computers). He also holds an MBA in International Business from Ecole des Ponts, France. He boasts of over 18 years of experience in the fields of entrepreneurship, business consultancy and strategy.

A gamer since his childhood days, Akshat has turned his passion into a successful business endeavour. Through NODWIN Gaming, Akshat has helped identify the esports potential present in India. He continues to play an influential role in actively shaping the future of competitive gaming in the country.