About – Nodwin Gaming


Our story begins in 2012, a group of gamers were unhappy with the direction Indian gaming was progressing towards. So they did what gamers do best – pick up the controller and lead the way.

“As gamers we believe that behind every challenge, lies an opportunity.”

Today, we are a one-of-a kind gaming company in India. Through different verticals, we have built services which enables our clients to connect with gamers better. Our expertise in this field helps provide top-notch gaming solutions and consultancy for over 5 years now.

Our Lineage

NODWIN Gaming is a venture of the NODWIN Group. The NODWIN Group, began its spectacular journey in the year 2005. Twelve years after spreading our wings, we have evolved into a high-powered group of 9 (and counting) companies with numerous top-notch employees from around the world.

We started with the objective of providing clients with rarefied and resilient solutions to unravel their businesses and this continues to be our driving force. With 36 of the Top-100 companies of India in our portfolio, our venture has been demonstrating remarkable performances in the fields of video games, multimedia and entertainment, arts, sports, telecom, security, education, FMGC, real estate, investment banking, hospitality and consultancy.

What binds the myriad fibres of our venture is the core philosophy that one unique idea can transform your business into a remunerative enterprise.

Our Verticals

Organising the best esports tournaments in the country since 2014

With the advent of competitive gaming in India, it became our duty to provide our patrons with premium esports tournaments. Hence a strategic partnership with global esports giant, ESL enables us to bring the global esports fervour and festivities to a local setting. With multiple tournaments being conducted all round the year, ESL India ensures the constant development of the esports scene in the country. Some of the marquee esports tournaments under this vertical includes ESL India Premiership, Community Cups and much more. What’s more, this year we have also tied-up with a leading media house and helped bring esports on Indian television!


Explore the colourful world of Indian cosplay

Cosplaying as an art form is making inroads into the Indian leisure and entertainment sector. With the increase of pop culture activities in the country, such as Comic Cons and Esports tournaments, cosplay is here to stay. Understanding this requirement, we have launched Cosplay Genie. This vertical provides interested individuals with tutorials and guides to create cosplays of their favourite characters. Cosplay Genie also acts as a community building activity, by providing relevant information to budding cosplayers, helping them grow.


Every fan deserves the right to quality merchandise

Who doesn’t like collecting or wearing elements of their favourite fictional characters? Keeping this in mind, NODWIN Gaming has erected a dedicated venture which caters the same. To ensure the legitimacy of the goods, Beyond the Game has licenses from popular game publishers including Valve. Individuals can purchase collectables such as t-shirts, posters, plushies and various other goodies.


Your digital newsstand for everything esports

A first-of-its kind dedicated news portal for the esports segment in the country. Esports 360 curates both international and local news which pique the interests of our gaming crowd. Launched earlier this year, Esports 360 airs exclusively on the NODWIN Gaming Facebook page on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.