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The Tradition Continues – Announcing ESL India Premiership 2018

India’s flagship esports tournament, ESL India Premiership is all set to make its return for the 2018 competitive season. With a highly competitive and open tournament format coupled with a huge prize pool, the Premiership has helped shape the competitive gaming landscape in the country for the better. With two successful editions in its pocket, ESL India Premiership has managed to attract the top esports talent in the country and region.

This year, ESL India Premiership 2018 will return in the April of 2018 with a magnanimous INR 1 crore ($157,000*) prize pool. This puts the Premiership on par with some of the top tournaments in the region, while also making gaming a lucrative occupation to pursue. Similar to the previous editions, year-long tournaments will be organised for the games of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2 and Clash Royale. However, a new year calls for a new tournament format. Inspired by the previous year’s edition, 2018 will see the continuation of the three season format. However, the league structure will see the Masters cater to 12 teams instead of 8. Admission to the Masters will be based on the team’s past merit and participation. The organisers will make the selection process transparent. Additionally, the Master League will also run longer than the other two leagues and promises a total of 66 matches being televised and streamed during each season. Meanwhile, the Challengers will feature the original number of 8 teams, but will follow a double-elimination model instead. The only constant will be the Starters, which will continue to function as a knockout championship. Finally, a promotion-relegation process will see the top performing teams progress to a higher league and similarly, the poor performers will drop to the lower league.

Over 15000 gamers and 2000 teams participated in the 2017 edition of ESL India Premiership. Meanwhile, over 700 hours of content was streamed over a period of 250 days on the Facebook and YouTube platform of ESL India. This managed to garner over 1.7 million video plays and 2.44 million in engagement, while reaching over 30 million. It should also be noted that ESL India Premiership 2017 made its way to the Indian television as the progress of the online Fall and Winter Season of CS:GO was telecasted exclusively on DSPORT, a sports channel by Discovery Communications.

ESL India Premiership 2018 promises a bigger and better experience as it develops the Indian esports scene and provides gamers with an exciting year-long tournament. With a massive prize pool and a challenging format, the Premiership will help unleash a new era in Indian esports, apart from uncovering new talent and teams in the domestic scene.