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What is Esports?

Ever confused about what the competitive video game phenomena was all about? Well, this article will bring you up to speed…

Esports or Electronic Sports is competitive video gaming. A genuine sporting activity at its heart, esports has come a long way in redefining video games and modern entertainment. Taking inspiration from traditional sports, esports is quickly becoming an alternative career option for the youth. Today, leading esports organisations provide premium facilities to its players, while tournaments take place in huge arenas and reward top contestants with multi-million prize pools. Similarly, this esports attracts viewership base of over 200 million and this number is expanding at a steady two-digit growth rate.

The Indian esports scene is not very far behind. The competitive gaming scene in the country has been witnessing a revival after initial years of gloom. In fact, the growth spurt has been due to two intrinsic factors. Firstly, India is home to the world’s largest youth population, over 50% of the country’s population is below the age of 25 years. Additionally, according to a report by IAMAI-IMRB, India is also the second largest user of the internet globally. These two factors have gone a long way in paving a strong foundation for competitive gaming within the country. Today, India is home to dozens of professional organisations, apart from thousands of amateur teams and players. Several Indian esport organisations have also introduced contract systems to ease out the risk factor involved in esports, thereby making competitive gaming a viable career option for the youth.

As far as tournaments and investments go, it has been on the rise in the country. The 2016 season saw over INR 75 Lacs ($112,800) being disbursed as prize money. What’s more, the 2017 season will witness a proposed investment of close to INR 290 crores ($45 million). The ongoing competitive season also witnessed the arrival of the first-ever $100,000 tournament in the country in the form of the ESL India Premiership 2017.

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